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From: "Lawrence Mayka" <>
Subject: [DNA] When? Addition of new SNPs to Advanced menu and drafthaplotree
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 16:06:48 -0500

The addition of newly discovered SNPs (found either through WTY or
otherwise) to the Advanced order menu has been halted for some time, and
their addition to the draft haplotree is quirky at best. I myself focus on
those in R-M198.

The draft haplotree lists one new SNP within R-M198, L235. But it is
unavailable for order, and I would be reluctant to spend money on it without
_some_ guidance from FTDNA as to whether it appears to be "private" to an
extended family or not. Ideally, I'd like _some_ hint of its STR haplotype

SNPs found in WTY often seem to just disappear into the ether. A forum post
dated 10/07/2009 reported that, according to the Finch2 server, L169 and
L170 had been found in an R-M198 WTY participant. About L170, Doug McDonald
explained that its primer amplifies both Y and X chromosome regions, so it
may not be of practical use. But I have heard nothing at all about L169,
and it never did appear on FTDNA's draft haplotree.

More recently, a member of my project got his official WTY results page, and
it lists the finding of L260. (A forum poster earlier reported sighting
L260 on the Finch2 server.) L260 has not appeared on the draft haplotree
either, even though later SNPs such as L270 and L271 are now present there.

If I were to be wildly optimistic, I would foolishly imagine that R-M198
SNPs are under a publication embargo. That is, a research paper is about to
announce these SNPs to the world, with accompanying distribution maps, as
happened with M458. M458 was wonderful, so a second such research paper
would be almost miraculous.

I am afraid, though, that the real answer is less cheerful: FTDNA's testing
and web development staff are both working full time on Family Finder, and
so WTY and its new Y-SNPs are now on the back burner (or simply put away in
the freezer).

Does anyone have better information?

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