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From: Jonathan Day <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] When? Addition of new SNPs to Advanced menu and drafthaplotree
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 16:30:06 -0700 (PDT)
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Dunno about the original poster, but I'm inclined to think WTY has been forgotten. It was horribly expensive, wasn't finding a huge number of SNPs, and really needed some substantial outside sponsorship.

As I recall, interest in WTY seemed to fade when interest in the X chromosome picked up, and appeared to die off entirely with Family Finder.

(I'm still not sure what Family Finder actually finds that's useful. If it's only good for 5 generations, most genealogy websites do as well or better and there are genealogical supply stores that can provide databases that'll take you back to the 1500s. The truly interesting DNA cases are the ones which are difficult to trace through traditional methods, because there you should - eventually, as the genetic databases grow - be able to fill in gaps for which no paperwork exists.)

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> From: Lawrence Mayka <>
> Subject: Re: [DNA] When? Addition of new SNPs to Advanced menu and draft haplotree
> To:
> Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 3:09 PM
> What do you mean by that?  Are
> you suggesting that FTDNA is about to offer a
> full-Y scan at an attractive price that makes all present
> and past WTY tests
> obsolete?  Do you have specific knowledge of this, or
> are you even more
> wildly optimistic than I?  :)
> You can't possibly be referring to Family Finder, because
> it is meaningless
> for relationships farther back than 5 generations and
> therefore has almost
> no utility overlap with yDNA at all.
> Or are you simply agreeing with me that FTDNA has
> apparently abandoned WTY
> (including work already paid for) in order to focus on
> Family Finder?
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> On Behalf Of Al Aburto
> > It (testing of new WTY SNPs) is overtaken by events I
> think.
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