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Subject: [DNA] Add your sibling Relative Finder crossovers (was FamilyFinder Test)
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:29:10 -0400

People are asking good questions as usual.
On the spread sheet, you should not divide by 4. This is only for
future use to estimate average crossovers.
Someone pointed out that between female and male siblings, the X
chromosome would be different. I would think that since only 3
chromosomes are involved, then we should divide by 3 when estimating
crossovers but don't put that on the spread sheet. Of course, the tips
on the Y could have a crossover with the X, but I think we should just
ignore that variable. I am in favor of keeping it as simple as possible
- granted, it is really not simple.
Kathy J.

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