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From: "Fredric Z. Saunders" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Is DYS=13 rare in Subclade L21 of R1b1b2?
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 12:17:17 -0600
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Along the same lines, and also along the thread "Questions about alternate
means of searching DNA" I am projected by FTDNA as R1b1b2, but have not done
that test. I am DYS426=13, which from the page:
occurs in 2% of R1b1b2. I am also DYS385b=16, which also is listed as
occurring 2% in R1b.

I suspect that it is those two uncommon numbers of why 6?/7? years after
testing I have no exact matches, one 11/12 marker match with all surnames,
which falls away at 25 markers, and one 23/25 match with all surnames which
falls away at 37 markers. My ysearch ID is FMUDM.

In looking at the R1b project, I see a few DYS426=13 and DYS385b=16, but I
am the only person I have seen with both.

Rick Saunders

>Margaret Jordan <> wrote:
>I have seen very few instances of
>DYS426=13 in the L21+ subclade or even R1b1b2.

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