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From: Margaret Jordan <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Is DYS=13 rare in Subclade L21 of R1b1b2?
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 19:38:45 +0100
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Thank you Rick for your reply and link to the chart of marker
frequencies for the various haplogroups.

Interestingly, in the O'Shea Project there is one member who has the
value 13 at DYS426 and 16 at DYS385b. He is closely related to another
member who has the value of 15 at DYS385b and the typical value of 13
for that subgroup at DYS426.

In my searchings, I found that the "Fourth Irish R1b Modal", Ysearch ID:
UWM64 gives a value of 13 for DYS426.


Fredric Z. Saunders wrote:
> Along the same lines, and also along the thread "Questions about alternate
> means of searching DNA" I am projected by FTDNA as R1b1b2, but have not done
> that test. I am DYS426=13, which from the page:
> occurs in 2% of R1b1b2. I am also DYS385b=16, which also is listed as
> occurring 2% in R1b.
> I suspect that it is those two uncommon numbers of why 6?/7? years after
> testing I have no exact matches, one 11/12 marker match with all surnames,
> which falls away at 25 markers, and one 23/25 match with all surnames which
> falls away at 37 markers. My ysearch ID is FMUDM.
> In looking at the R1b project, I see a few DYS426=13 and DYS385b=16, but I
> am the only person I have seen with both.
> Rick Saunders
>> Margaret Jordan <> wrote:
>> I have seen very few instances of
>> DYS426=13 in the L21+ subclade or even R1b1b2.
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