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From: Robert Hughes <>
Subject: [DNA] Is DYS=13 rare in Subclade L21 of R1b1b2?
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 17:45:09 -0400

[DNA] Is DYS=13 rare in Subclade L21 of R1b1b2?
Hello Margaret and Rick,
Margaret, the Shea, O’Shea families are part of a much bigger
group (clade?) of R-L21+ people who have DYS426 = 13. They are listed
in my spreadsheet as Modal 8a (S8QN2 in because one of
the Shea’s has DYS406 S1 = 11.
I am showing more than 30 different surnames in Modal 8a and Modal
8b (GW7MQ in ysearch) who have DYS426 = 13. Their origins range from
Ireland (largest) to across England and into Wales and Scotland.
The divide between Modal 8a and Modal 8b seems to be whether DYS406
S1 has a value of 11 or 12 instead of the expected 10.
Rick, one member of the Burton family (FBH2U) also has also has
DYS426 = 13 and DYS385b = 16, most have DYS385b = 15. He is in my
Modal 8b group.
DYS426 = 13 may not be rare in R-L21+ but it seems to be fairly
uncommon. This group has a very recognizable set of Y-DNA markers.
They must have had a long ago common ancestor. They should be in the
WTY program, assuming it’s still viable for snp research.
Regards, Robert

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