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From: William Hancock <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 3 surnames with 37/37 and 67/67 matches
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 17:55:50 -0700 (PDT)
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My experience may be pertainent:  My wife's uncle Brown is in one of the subhaplotypes of R1b1-U106.  He doesn't closely match any others in the very large Brown Project (except for known relatives found in the process of trying to identify an NPE).  The Brown Project leader referred me to the Rose Project as Uncle Brown closely matched a group within that project at 12 and 25 sites (shows how many years ago that was).  More recent testing continues to show just how close their relationship appears with one just 66 out of 67 with many 64 out of 67.  We have eliminated, through triangulation any possibility of an NPE since about 1700 and probably closer to 1670.  At this point, I think the most recent common ancestor is probably one where one brother took the name of Brown and the other named himself Rose.  I wouldn't be surprised that that event came relatively recently as our Browns and the Roses appearantly were from Northern Ireland and may
have used some sort of Scottish clan name, perhaps as late as the early 1600s when they moved to Ulster.
Any possibility your people were late settling upon a surname or changed one or more of their names upon coming to the Americas?  Do they hail originally from the same part of the world?
Good hunting; time and more testing will probably solve the question.
Bill Hancock
Sequim, WA
withing sight of
Victoria, BC

--- On Wed, 3/31/10, Martin Potter <> wrote:

From: Martin Potter <>
Subject: [DNA] 3 surnames with 37/37 and 67/67 matches
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 5:00 PM

Hello, All,

A member of one of my surname projects (just starting) turns
out to be a 37/37 match with another gentleman of a different
surname and a 67/67 match with a third gentleman of yet
another surname.  There is no known genealogical connection
between any of them.

My member's haplogroup has been tested as N1c1 (a relatively
small group).  His Ysearch ID is QP285.

Is it possible that the 37/37 match might be a false positive
in a small haplogroup like N1c1?  (I could believe it for
R1b ... but N1c1?)

If the 37/37 match is NOT spurious, then it seems there is a
2/3 probability that my project member has an NPE in his
paternal line.  (And if it is spurious, then the probability
drops to 1/2.)

Is there any other likely explanation, and is there some way
to put my project member's mind at ease about all of this?

... Martin

Huntsman Surname DNA Project

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