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From: Robert Stafford <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 3 surnames with 37/37 and 67/67 matches
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 21:18:45 -0500
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The first thing to do is to triangulate his ancestral haploype by testing
his most remote documented cousin. This is normal procedure, anyway. If they
are good matches, he will not be able to pin down the NPE by researching his
surname--if he has exhausted his paper trail.

If they do not match, he will need to test a descendant of a third son of
the ancestor to verify that the NPE is in his line. Then he would have to
triangulate other ancestor to determine when the NPE occurred. Start with a
branch about halfway down and keep bisecting the lineage to pin down the
generation of the NPE. Then he can look at neighbors and court records for
possible fathers. Of course, it may be impossible to find the right
candidates, so he will probably need to very the procedure somewhat.

The other parties will need to do the same thing, since it is possible they
have the NPE. However, if they have a lot of matches within their surname,
it would be unlikely.

Bob Stafford

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 7:00 PM, Martin Potter <> wrote:

> Hello, All,
> A member of one of my surname projects (just starting) turns
> out to be a 37/37 match with another gentleman of a different
> surname and a 67/67 match with a third gentleman of yet
> another surname. There is no known genealogical connection
> between any of them.
> My member's haplogroup has been tested as N1c1 (a relatively
> small group). His Ysearch ID is QP285.
> Is it possible that the 37/37 match might be a false positive
> in a small haplogroup like N1c1? (I could believe it for
> R1b ... but N1c1?)
> If the 37/37 match is NOT spurious, then it seems there is a
> 2/3 probability that my project member has an NPE in his
> paternal line. (And if it is spurious, then the probability
> drops to 1/2.)
> Is there any other likely explanation, and is there some way
> to put my project member's mind at ease about all of this?
> ... Martin
> Huntsman Surname DNA Project
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