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From: Harold Vannoy <>
Subject: [DNA] Comparing 23andMe Data That Was Uploaded to deCODEme
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 15:18:43 -0400

Earlier this year another participant in our Vannoy DNA Project and I
uploaded our 23andMe raw data to deCODEme to setup an account during
the time period that they allowed this.

Even though this other participant and I match on 75/76 Y-DNA "STRs"
(FTDNA Y-67 test markers plus the nine additional markers that make
up the full SMGF family of markers), we DO NOT show as sharing any
DNA in the 23andMe Relative Finder test results. We also have not,
as yet, been able to make a connection using conventional genealogy techniques.

I had hoped to try to compare our uploaded 23andMe test results by
using the deCODEme comparison tool which allows the segment length to
be varied, however, when I added the other participant as a "friend"
to my deCODEme account he shows as having "no data."

Does anyone know if it is possible to compare uploaded 23andMe data
when using the deCODEme comparison tool? I don't know if deCODEme
prevents this or if we have some other problem?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Harold Vannoy

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