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From: patrick holland <>
Subject: [DNA] Jewish DNA
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 17:45:29 +0800


I have been following the extensive discussion about the DNA evidence
of Sephardic Jewish ancestry in the contemporary inhabitants of places
such as Mexico and other places in the New World where Jews settled
following the Jewish diaspora from Spain during the 400 years of the
Spanish Inquisition.

From an Anthropological perspective, a Jew is, by definition , someone
who is born of a Jewish mother, it has nothing to do with DNA.
Therefore, I ask myself, from a genealogical perspective, what is, '
Jewish DNA ' ?

If a Jewish women ,' marries out ', she can only pass on her Jewish
identity to her daughters. Her sons, by definition , are not Jewish, so
a Y-DNA test on the sons of the, ' mixed marriage ', will , from an
Athropological perspective , not contain any , ' Jewish .DNA ' per se,
although , genetically, the sons will, like their sisters, still be,
vulnerable to certain genetic diseases. which occur more commonly in
Jewish communities., Therefore, in some circumstances, such as where an
individual is diagnosed as having , Tay-Sachs disease , it may be
possible to identify the Jewish ethnicity of an individual. But apart
from medical genetics , what DNA tests are available which can prove or
disprove that an individual has a Jewish ancestry ? .

According to my Y-DNA test, I belong to Haplogroup R1b1b2 . I have a DYS
391=10, so my Haplotype is a ,Type # 6 , variation of the Atlantic Modal
Haplotype. Therefore, I may have Sephardic Jewish ancestry if any of
my ancestors came from the Sephardic Jewish community which settled in
the Netherlands. So what DNA tests can I have done which will tell me
if I have Sephardic ancestry ? I know that FTDNA have a Jewish
ancestry test.. Has anybody had it done ?

In conclusion, does anybody know if a comparative study of DNA has been
done in contemporary Israel on individuals of Arab and Jewish ethnicity
which has been able to prove that a distinctive, ' Jewish DNA '
actually exists ?

Patrick Holland.
Perth, Western Australia.

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