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From: Doug McDonald <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Jewish DNA
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 14:49:46 -0500
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> I assume that you wish to know if your yDNA, mtDNA, and/or autosomal DNA has a similarity to
> those with Sephardic ancestry. Each of these can and has been tested by various means. Two
> recent papers discuss autosomal connections: Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish
> Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry,
> 2010, Ostrer et alii and The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people, 2010, by Behar et alii.
> Family Finder at FTDNA and Relative Finder at 23andMe offer tests and comparisons for most
> people.
> Behar wrote a study on Jewish mtDNA.

which is at doi:10.1038/nature09103

You really must read this. It is autosomal.

But basically, it says that there is one large Jewish cluster, in which the Ashkenazy
and Sephardic groups somewhat overlap each other but are pretty separate from
most host population areas. Then there are isolated clusters all over the place,
whose DNA matches the host population.

I should add, which is not mentioned in Behar, that the population of Catholic far
southern Italy overlaps the Ashkenazy/Sephardic Jews.

If someone is near-pure Ashkenazy/Sephardic the tests at 23andme or FTDNA will
easily show this.

Doug McDonald

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