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Subject: Re: [DNA] Frames and Hamiltons
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:34:18 -0600
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From: "Aaron Salles Torres" <>
2- The fact that the so-called [[ Hamilton ]] group A is relatively
genetically isolated leads one to believe that they have been in Britain for
a long time, before the Norman invasion.

[[ The distinctiveness of Hamilton Group-A modal haplotype, a.k.a. I1-AS1
modality, does not imply geographic isolation. ydna mutations on lines of
descent carry on regardless of where their male carriers are living.

The evidence suggests just the opposite, I believe --- continental origin
and continued presence in strength. First, Hamilton Group-A is from the
i1-AS1 clade. This easily identified clade is extremely robust in its
continental membership --- certainly much stronger on the continent than any
reverse migration theory from Isles to continent could explain. I1-AS1 is
particularly strong in the low countries --- Netherlands and Belgium. But
its strength spreads to the east, Germany, as well.

The variance age estimate of I1-AS1 both in the Isles and on the continent
give about 2000 years back to its MRCA. My personal view is that I1-AS1
began among the Saxons who expanded and prospered due to proximity to the
frontier with Roman empire and who in the historic period expanded into
Netherlands north of the Rhine as well as participated in the Anglo-Saxon
immigrations into British isles.

An added note: I1-AS8, a clade seemingly (but in mysterious fashion)
closely associated with I1-AS1, is also robustly present in the north German
plain, centered somewhat to the east of the I1-AS1 center of gravity,

Ken ]]

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