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Subject: Re: [DNA] Experimenting with Family Finder Chromosome Browser
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 14:53:04 -0400

> I am embarking on a small research program
> to see what I can find about those 16 matches
> on chromosome 17.
> I have posted the section of the the family
> results of chr. 17 from 60 Mb to 78.6 Mb

Your efforts John, should prove instructional for the rest of us.
The best study would be one in which the parties have extensive pedigrees and can connect with a real ancestor or ancestors.
What you really want to know, and I think this is what you are doing, is to systematically see who shares with whom.
Do all of your matches share with each other? Pay special attention to those who do not share. Can you identify mismatches that specifically tell you what the original ancestor's SNP for that position was? Do you have siblings who are not matches to your matches? This is the first step in learning how to sequence that ancestor.

Many people still do not know what constitutes a mismatching SNP. This simple identification (which determines the dead end) is going to be crucial to most comparisons.

Some SNPs will all be heterozygous so you may never be able to identify that SNP for the ancestor, but there will be plenty of SNPs that can be determined. There is one caution, and that is to warn people that it is potentially possible to figure out redacted sequences and connecting genes.

Kathy J.

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