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From: "Anatole Klyosov" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] NW European R1b from Iberia?
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 17:52:45 -0500
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Anatole Klyosov:
>> "All these subclades have entered Europe from at least two directions -
>> via Asia Minor to "Italy" and the Balkans (around 4500 ybp), and across
>> North
>> Africa and up to Iberia (4800 ybp). L23 did not survive in Iberia, and
>> only little of L11 left there, however, the last one had managed to spin
>> off U106
>> and P312 in Iberia. They moved up North as Bell Beakers."

> On Dec 7, 2010, Lancaster-Boon wrote:
>> Now, as far as I know, and also looking at your OWN explanations, there
>> is absolutely no genetic, linguistic, or archaeological data which
>> supports
>> this African migration?
>> I guess I may ask for some beef concerning this North African theory? :)

> From: SVass <>
> Either cattle came by themselves to Iberia or there were two routes into
> Europe or they are sexually faithful to their own breed.

My response:

Thank you Sam. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

There are SO many data and observations regarding the migration route from
North Africa to Iberia, that one might have thought that Andrew was just
kidding. I did not even want to discuss it. I stayed with haplotypes and
haplogroups, because all other evidences were constantly in press since the
beginning of 20th century. Andrew has probably never heard of them. For
starters, I can recommend him to read Gordon Childe, who as long ago as in
1923 wrote about invasion of brachycephals from North Africa to Iberia and
then to Europe about 5,000 ybp.

Anatole Klyosov


> Ergo, Tut was an R1b and his descendant wrote the English version and R1b
> came from Egypt.
> cheers,
> sam vass

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