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From: Mike W <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNAH 15 marker Y-DNA panel
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 20:00:02 -0600
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Yes. That is why I have tried to communicate the closeness between
P312(S116) and U106(S21). The happenstance of their SNP's is just
that. If L11 had been discovered and well established publicly first,
that might be getting all of the focus. The circumstances of R-L11
includes include high frequency to go with low variance, or at least
low enough variance to provide TMRCA's of about 4000-4500 ybp.

---------- Ken Nordtvedt wrote:
... In other words, the rapid expansion happened whether snps close
together were by chance found or not as of today, and that the rapid
expansion is probably more objectively (eternally) captured by the
collection of GDs between the pairs of all the descendant
haplotypes seen today.

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