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From: Mike W <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] NW European R1b from Iberia?
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 09:07:36 -0600
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Calling all R-P312* (S116*) people and admins with R-P312* (R1b1b2a1b) people.

R-P312* is an important group of people, particularly those from
Iberia or Eastern Europe as these are potential routes for R-P312
“all” into Western Europe.

We have a problem. The FTDNA assignment for R1b1b2a1b indicates a
P312+ U152- M222- M153- SRY2627- deep clade R package result on the
Haplotree screen. However, another major subclade is L21 and it wasn't
included in the original SNP package so oftentimes we don't know if
the status is truly L21- (which would make them a true P312* person)
or L21 is unknown. We can overcome this with good communications and I
have a list of R-P312 “unknown L21” people who we should try to
classify. 28 of them are from the Iberian DNA project.

Project Administrators:

1. Please request any R1b1b2a1b haplogroup people to join the "R-P312
and Subclades" project at
We can categorize for L21- confirmed and L21 unknown there.

2. If you categorize by haplogroup in your project please consider
breaking R1b1b2a1b* (L21-) out separately from R1b1ba1b unknown.

Anyone who has knowledge on R1b1b2a1b people and their L21 status:

1. Please let me know. I've got a list of people that may be true
P312* (L21-) but we don't know. This file can be accessed at the
R-P312 Yahoo Group under the Files section of

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Mike
R-P312 and Subclades Project Co-Administrator

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