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From: Didier VERNADE <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andMe Y-SNPs
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 09:56:10 -0700
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OK , I sent the message on 23andME : a call for M and S paternal haplogroups.

Thank you for th update. Looking more closely at R1b1b2 data I see that 43 R1b1b2* are in the file ; 4 are L23- , 12 are L51+ , among those 12 there are 9 P310+ , the rest is L23 (the majority).


> Folks,
> It's been a while since this plea was made on this list, so pardon it
> please.
> If you, or someone you know, has tested with 23andMe and is male
> PLEASE consider contributing the raw Y-SNP data to Adriano Squecco's
> database.
> The database is curated by Adriano, with notes on the SNPs kept up to
> date by David Reynolds. It is invaluable for active researchers.
> This open database is nearing 1,000 submissions, and still new
> revelations appear on a regular basis. Even though we have literally
> hundreds of R1b entries, just in the past month or so four incredibly
> exciting new Y-SNPs within R1b1 have come to light. Two of them (L388
> and L389) potentially redefine R1b1b to include not only R-P297 but
> also the rest of R1b1 (xV88). The other two (L277 and L405) appear to
> define two parallel clades to R-L51.
> But those following the project on Facebook will note the report of
> new SNPs in E, I, J, N, and other haplogroups in the recent past.
> I'm embarrased to say, however, that we still have NO entries from Y
> haplogroups M or S. This, in particular, is a real shame.
> Anyway, the more results the merrier the research.
> Vince
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