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Subject: [DNA] Article in Forbes: Why you should Fear Giant databases withyour DNA
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 07:25:39 -0500

Robert Langreth
"Why You Should Fear Giant Databases With Your DNA

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Gene scientists are racing to assemble DNA samples to pinpoint the
causes of individual cancer cases and rare genetic diseases. Various
private companies including 23andMe offer gene tests that you can
order on the web.

But there is a big and scary downside to the industrialization of DNA
sequencing, as described in Matt Herper’s cover story on the next $100
billion tech industry. As gene decoding becomes easier, so does the
possibility of abuse–either for corporate profit, marketing purposes,
or government big brother gone bad, Kashmir Hill discloses in the
current issue of Forbes Magazine. The possibilities are real and have
achieved amazingly little attention. Surreptitious DNA testing to find
out medical secrets is becoming increasingly easy. Attention parents:
Some states are assembling huge banks of DNA or blood from newborns,
and haven’t always bothered to ask parents permission; one such
database was destroyed in Texas after a judge objected. Did you know
that? And what are the limits on law enforcement DNA testing? Should
unlimited fishing expeditions through giant DNA databases be allowed?"

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