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From: Elisabeth Irran <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New mtDNA sequences from FTDNA customers (09-JAN-2011)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:57:32 +0430
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Dear List,

interestingly, sequence number HQ703482 is a perfect match with AY495147


2011/1/13 Ian Logan <>

> List
> The Christmas & New Year delays have meant a large batch appearing.
> Today there are 19 sequences from Haplogroups:
> H, H1, H1a, H1c, H1n, H2, H4a1a1, H6a1a, H11, HV,
> J1c3a1, K1a3a, K1a4a1,T2b, U5b1b2, U6a7a1, V, W
> As usual I have added these new sequences to my CHECKER-3 program
> - and shortly I'll be adding them to my new BREAKDOWN-3 program.
> (I haven't included the results of the breakdowns as that would make
> this posting very long.)
> Ian
> ----------------------------
> HQ703482 FTDNA Haplogroup H 09-JAN-2011
> A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G G3010A A3221G A4769G T8705C A8860G T9581C
> T11204C A15326G G16129A T16519C
> HQ729918(French) FTDNA Haplogroup V 09-JAN-2011
> T72C A263G 309.1C 315.1C A750G A1438G A2706G G4580A A4769G C7028T
> A8860G A9368G A15326G C15904T G16153A C16261T T16298C T16311C T16519C
> HQ730608(Ashkenazi) FTDNA Haplogroup H6a1a 09-JAN-2011
> T239C A263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C A750G A1438G G3915A A4727G A4769G
> T5785C A8860G G9380A T11253C A15326G T16362C A16482G
> HQ839858 FTDNA Haplogroup J1c3a1 09-JAN-2011
> A73G G228A A263G C295T 309.1C 315.1C C438G C462T T489C A750G
> A2706G G3010A T4216C A4769G C7028T T7691C T7711C 8289.1C 8289.2C 8289.3C
> 8289.4C 8289.5C 8289.6T 8289.7C 8289.8T 8289.9A A8860G G9548A A10398G
> A11251G
> G11719A A12612G G13708A C13934T C14766T T14798C A15326G C15452A C16069T
> T16126C
> HQ839859(German) FTDNA Haplogroup H1n 09-JAN-2011
> T146C T195C A263G 309.1C 315.1C A750G A1438G G2098A G3010A A4769G
> A8860G A14274G A15326G T15804C G16153A T16519C
> HQ839860(English) FTDNA Haplogroup H4a1a1 09-JAN-2011
> A73G C182T A263G 309.1C 315.1C C522- A523- A750G A1438G C3992T
> A4024G A4769G T5004C T6719C G8269A A8860G G9123A A10044G C14365T A14582G
> A15326G
> HQ839861 FTDNA Haplogroup K1a3a 09-JAN-2011
> A73G T146C A263G 309.1C 315.1C C497T A750G T1189C A1438G A1811G
> A2706G A3480G G4048A C4387T A4769G C7028T A7559G A8860G G9055A T9698C
> A10398G A10550G T11299C A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A T12811C A13117G
> G13590A
> C14167T T14503C C14766T T14798C A15326G T16224C T16311C T16519C
> HQ840339(German) FTDNA Haplogroup H2 09-JAN-2011
> A263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C A750G A4769G T6776C A8470G A8860G C12239-
> A15326G G16129A T16519C
> HQ840514 FTDNA Haplogroup H 09-JAN-2011
> A73G A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G A4769G A8860G G14384A A15326G C16278T
> T16519C
> HQ840516(Finland) FTDNA Haplogroup U5b1b2 09-JAN-2011
> A73G C150T T217C A263G 309.1C 315.1C 573.1C 573.2C A750G A1438G
> A2706G T3197C A4769G A5656G G6260R C7028T A7768G A8860G G9477A A11467G
> G11719A A12308G G12372A G12618A T13617C T14182C C14766T A15326G T16189C
> C16192T
> C16270T
> HQ840646(Scottish) FTDNA Haplogroup T2b 09-JAN-2011
> A73G T152C A263G 309.1C 315.1C G709A A750G G930A A1438G G1888A
> A2706G C3820T T4216C A4769G A4917G G5147A C7028T G8697A A8860G T10463C
> A11251G G11719A A11812G A12223G G13368A T13500C A14223G C14766T G14905A
> A15326G
> C15452A A15607G G15928A T16126C C16294T C16296T T16304C T16519C
> HQ841014(English) FTDNA Haplogroup H1 09-JAN-2011
> T152C T199C A263G 315.1C 523.1C 523.2A A750G A1438G G3010A A4769G
> A8860G T11864C A15326G T16519C
> HQ842871(Sweden) FTDNA Haplogroup H1a 09-JAN-2011
> A73G A214R A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G G3010A A4769G G8334A A8860G
> A15326G A16162G C16167T
> HQ843088(English) FTDNA Haplogroup K1a4a1 09-JAN-2011
> A73G T152C T217C A263G 315.1C C325T C497T A750G T1189C A1438G
> A1811G A2706G A3441R A3480G A4769G T5774C G6260A C7028T A8860G G9055A
> T9698C A10029G A10398G A10550G T11299C A11467G T11485C G11719A C11840T
> A12308G
> G12372A T13740C C14167T C14766T T14798C A15326G T16093C T16224C T16311C
> T16519C
> HQ843176 FTDNA Haplogroup U6a7a1 09-JAN-2011
> A73G A263G 315.1C A750G T794A T1193C A1438G A1692T A2706G A3348G
> A4769G A5120G G5471A C7028T G7805A T8473C A8860G A11038G A11467G G11719A
> A12308G G12372A A14179G C14766T G15043A A15326G T15530C C15632T T16172C
> A16219G
> C16278T
> HQ843503 FTDNA Haplogroup H11 09-JAN-2011
> T195C A263G 315.1C A750G T961G A1438G A4769G T8448C A8860G G13759A
> A14587G A15326G T16140C A16293G T16311C
> HQ843989 FTDNA Haplogroup H1c 09-JAN-2011
> A263G 315.1C T477C A750G A1438G G3010A A4769G G7379A A8860G G9947A
> A12950G A15326G T16519C
> HQ844516(Armenian) FTDNA Haplogroup HV 09-JAN-2011
> T152C A263G 309.1C 315.1C A750G A1438G A2706G A3892G T4254C A4769G
> C7028T A8860G G13889A A14344G A15326G C15402G A16220C T16243C C16261T
> C16292T
> T16342C T16519C
> HQ844617(Armenian) FTDNA Haplogroup W 09-JAN-2011
> A73G T119C G185A A189G C194T T195C T204C G207A A263G 309.1C
> 315.1C G709A A750G T1243C A1438G A2706G A3505G A4769G G5046A G5460A
> T6635C C7028T G8251A A8860G G8994A C11674T G11719A A11947G T12414C C12705T
> G13980S C14766T G14869A A15326G G15884C C16223T C16292T T16519C
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