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From: "Ian Logan" <>
Subject: [DNA] Latest mtDNA sequences from GenBank (23-JAN-2011)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 11:25:23 -0000


This week's new mtDNA sequences from FTDNA customers.

They come from Haplogroups H1c, H1e, H4a1, H5, H5a1, J1c7, T2, U6a7a1

As usual I have added them to my CHECKER program


HQ848079(Jewish) FTDNA Haplogroup U6a7a1 23-JAN-2011
A73G C150T T152C A263G 315.1C A750G T794A T1193C A1438G A1692T
A2706G A3348G A4769G A5120G G5471A G5746A C7028T G7805A T8473C A8860G
A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A A14179G C14766T G15043A A15326G T15530C C15632T
A15924G T16172C A16219G C16278T

HQ850865(French) FTDNA Haplogroup H5a1 23-JAN-2011
A73G A263G 315.1C C456T C522- A523- A750G A1438G T4336C A4769G
A8860G A15326G C15833T T16304C

HQ860291(German) FTDNA Haplogroup H4a1 23-JAN-2011
A263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C C522- A523- A750G A1438G C3992T A4024G
A4769G T5004C G8269A A8860G G9123A C14365T A14582G A15326G

HQ864470(Irish) FTDNA Haplogroup H5 23-JAN-2011
A263G 315.1C C456T A750G A1438G T2626C A4769G G8020A A8860G T11204C
A15326G T16304C T16519C

HQ875780(Slovakian) FTDNA Haplogroup H1c 23-JAN-2011
A263G 309.1C 315.1C T477C A750G A1438G G3010A A4769G A8860G A15325C
A15326G T16519C

HQ876599(Spanish) FTDNA Haplogroup J1c7 23-JAN-2011
A73G T146C G185A G228A A263G C295T 309.1C 315.1C C462T T489C
A750G A1438G A2706G G3010A T4216C A4769G C6554T C7028T A8860G A10398G
A11251G G11719A G12127A A12612G G13708A C14766T T14798C A15326G C15452A C16069T
T16126C C16261T

HQ877768(Armenian) FTDNA Haplogroup H5 23-JAN-2011
A73G A263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C C456T 523.1C 523.2A 523.3C 523.4A
A750G A1438G A4769G A8860G T9070C T11147C T13674C A15326G T16304C

HQ877824(Austrian) FTDNA Haplogroup T2 23-JAN-2011
A73G T152C A263G 309.1C 315.1C G709A A750G A1438G G1888A A2706G
T4216C T4695C A4769G G4841A A4917G T6620C C7028T G8697A A8860G T10463C
A11251G G11719A A11812G G11914A G13368A G14040A A14233G C14766T G14905A A15326G
C15452A A15607G G15928A T16126C C16260T C16294T T16519C

HQ880578(Flemish) FTDNA Haplogroup H1e 23-JAN-2011
A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G G3010A A4769G G5460A A8860G A15326G A15817G


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