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Subject: [DNA] Re : How old is Y-Chromosome Adam?
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 22:23:41 +0000 (GMT)
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I am not sure this was posted on this list. I think it's worth mentioning this new study on Y chromosomes from both Human and Chimp in relation to the thread that was started with the following post.

Here is a link to the Nature article :
You can get to the figures and see the huge difference between Human and Chimp Y chromosome.

May be you know this blog : ; the discussion is worth reading.

Anyway, I meant : science is going fast and the discussion from a month ago may not be relevant in view of a possible particular evolution of the Y chromosome. I really hope we can get the Y chromosome comparison with other big apes like Gorilla. I bet Human is the one at odd.


A month ago Robert Hughes wrote :
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> Objet: [DNA] How old is Y-Chromosome Adam?
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> Date: Jeudi 30 décembre 2010, 16h58
> How old is Y-chromosome Adam?
> Dienekes has a thoughtful post in his December-30-2010 blog
> about finding the age of Y-Chromosome Adam with a little help
> from Tim > Janzen.
> Dienekes writes in part:
> The presumed shallow time depth of the human Y-chromosome
> phylogeny is one of the main arguments of the recent Out-of-Africa
> theory. One of the major things I found while working on my Y-STR series
> is that point estimates from Y-STR variation are associated with huge confidence intervals, because of uncertainty about factors such as generation length, population history, mutation rates, even if the
> mutation model behaves "perfectly" in symmetrical stepwise fashion.
> More at the link below.
> Link:
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