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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [DNA] rs7892855 and the I-Tree
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 09:26:27 -0700

I have updated the I-Tree at under file name warpedfounderstree. I now include a predicted new anciently branching subhaplogroup shown in dotted green. From it a number of other predictions or expectations can be inferred and can guide which tests we promote in haplogroup I in order to map out the full story which follows from the new snp rs7892855

rs7892855 is from the v3 of 23andMe. It is consistently found ancestral "A" across all the y haplogroups, except for three people, two from I2a..... and one from I2b....., who tested derived "C"
So note where I am forced to provisionally locate this new snp --- in that short branch segment between node where I1 branch leaves and node where I2a branch leaves rest of tree.

But one of the rs7892855 ancestral "A" persons is confirmed at least I2 by virtue of M170+ and M438+ but is also ancestral for I2a.... and I2b.... snps. This person's dotted green branch line is added as a new haplogroup and connected to I-Tree in between occurrence of M438 and rs7892855 in the I Tree's root region. Some expectations follow:

1. This person's haplotype will be very, very different from the haplotypes from any of the known I clades, because it is approximately 40,000 years (1330 generations) from the rest of I haplotypes of today. How different is "very, very different"? --- about as different as an I1 haplotype is from any I2.... haplotype.

2. The present clades called I2* will be found derived "C" for the new rs7892855.

It is possible the 23andMe test subject of haplogroup I but ancestral for rs7892855 received a misread and this is all false alarm. But let's hope not. His male line ancestry is believed to be Russian/Jewish.

Another predicted addition to the tree is the L416 for the ADR clade branch of present I2* This is based on an ADR clade member doing a WTY and finding new snps L415-417. We already find that L416 is ancestral for an earlier I2* person who did a WTY and covered the L416 bas pair site. We are waiting on additional snp tests on I2* people to learn about location of L415 and L417. There is still the chance that these three new snps are private-like, but odds are against that for all three.

Some of the above predictions above depend in part on the times I have inferred for key nodes in the I-Tree. These inferences came from the matrix of genetic distances between all the clade pairs of haplogroup I.

In any event, these are interesting times for the root regions of the I-Tree.


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