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From: Paul Wright <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Different surname matches
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 16:01:15 -0500
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I'm assuming no close match with any other Perkins who was not descended
from Alexander Warren Perkins? Also assuming that with 9 yrs of research,
you'v exhausted all conventional means to find a Perkins ancestor to this

If yes to both, then yes, your Y DNA most likely originated with a Warren.
The Warren middle name for your progenitor would also appear to support
this. There are several potential explanations that would require more
specific info to determine which is more likely.

Among the possible explanations are:
-father was a Warren and possibly died or abandoned family, mother remarred
to a Perkins and Alex took his step-fathers name, or raised by grandparents
and ended up taking mother's maiden name.
-Alex born a Warren and adopted by Perkins who may have been closely related
(aunt/uncle, cousin)
-Alex was born out of wedlock to unwed Perkins female, impregnated by Warren
-mother was married to a Perkins and had extra-marital affair with a Warren
(and most likely still some relation given middle name)
-father was a Perkins who had event similar to those listed above occur to
him as a child.
-father and/or Alex born a Warren and changed identity to Perkins, keeping
Warren as a middle name.
-some other variant of common explanations for NPEs
-the Warren middle name would seem to imply NPE most likely took place with
him or less likely his father and not at some random point further back in

Meanwhile the common ancestor with matches found in VA may simply mean
common ancestor was much earlier, perhaps elsewhere in US or back in
Europe. Perhaps both were in New England and one went to VA and the other
to NY, or both came from UK, one going to New England and the other to VA.
Most likely will be difficult to determine common ancestor without some
overlapping paper trail with common geography.

On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 3:36 PM, WILLIAM PERKINS <>wrote:

> I have a match with a different surname group that seems significant, but I
> thought I'd get some input. While my surname is Perkins, I match at 67
> markers very closely with a group from the Warren project (specifically a
> group labeled "Smith Warren"). I match the modal value of this group on 66
> markers, the difference being a 10 at 391, where they all have 11. Most of
> them (and 1 ungrouped individual) have 0,1, or 2 mutations from the modal,
> with seven 67 marker results, one 37, and one 25.
> Additionally, none of them have the same mutation anywhere (assuming the
> modal is "unmutated"), and only one marker has more than one mutation. That
> marker is 449, where one individual has a 31, and one a 33, while the rest
> of us have 32. We are all U198+, and would belong to the group "superfamily
> a" as labeled in that project, so we should match somewhat closely. but not
> this closely.
> A couple of these individuals had pedigrees posted, and it seems that one
> had a mutation that occured on or after 1879, and another on or after 1905.
> I have a 3rd cousin who tested 37 markers, and we match 37 of 37. Both of us
> descend from Alexander Warren Perkins born in 1818 in NY, while most of the
> Smith Warrens descend from Warrens who lived in or near VA in the late
> 1700's or early 1800's.
> So the question is, is it very likely that Alexander's father was actually
> a Warren, and that his father was a cousin of a Warren who moved down to VA
> in the early 1700's? I plan to take a trip next month to Ulster Co. NY to
> see if I can find any documentation of this, but maybe I'm just getting
> offtrack? After waiting over 9 years, this is the closest I've come to
> matching anyone but my documented 3rd cousin. Anyway, thanks for any input.
> Bill
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