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Subject: [DNA] SNPs L302 and L319.1
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 20:16:36 EDT

I sent an inquiry to FTNDA to find out how many men were tested for the
L302 and L319.1 which were found in my Hopkins cousin. Here is the message
received back today:

"Thank you for your email. For L302 it has been tested in over 150
and around one dozen have come back positive. For L319.1 there are about 50
people tested and seven positive results."

I sent back the following:

"I am the contact for kit #32932.

I am shocked and pleasantly surprised at those results. Can you tell me
how many
are R-L21 or at least R1b? I only know that my brother, another Hopkins
and a man who was adopted at birth and does not know his paternal line who
positive for L302 and L319.1. All are R-L21*.

I wonder how these people can be contacted?


How do I find out the haplogroup and their ancestry of those who tested
positive? One person suggested that I ask FTDNA permission to set up a
project on their website and have a message composed by me sent to the men who
tested positive for the SNPs asking them to join the project.



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