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From: RThrift <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Question about FTDNA Projects & World Families -excelcustom colors
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 15:58:19 -0700
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Diana, thanks for pointing out that the Excel colors can be customized. I finally found it in the Color tab in Tools > Options.

In displaying haplotypes, I like to color the cell for each marker value according to its distance from the subclade's modal value. With Excel's default colors, I can get a smooth-looking transition varying from light blue (difference = -1) to medium blue (diff= -2) to dark blue (diff= -3), but I can't get a similar transition using green (for when the differences are positive), and it's tough to get a greater range than 3 shades of a color, for when the difference exceeds 3. See the legend in the Excel chart embedded in . So, by changing the palette I'll be able to do it the way I want.

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 16:23:05 -0400
From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <DianaGM@
> I prefer to color the haplotype results in a way that highlights
> whether/to what degree the marker differs from the group mode, and
> indicates whether the difference is greater than or less than the
> group mode (the choice of colors is unfortunately limited by Excel).

The default color palette in Excel is a dog, especially in 2011, but you can customize the colors to any RGB color. How is Excel limiting you?

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