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Subject: Re: [DNA] What DNA surname project should be
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 12:55:06 +0000
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I will be interested in Diana's response to your questions, but let me add a thought.

It seems to me that a number of surname projects are looking so much at the DNA data that they are ignoring the basic genealogical research that has already been done, or needs to be done. The ideal surname project, it seems to me, builds off of good genealogy to start with. Then, the DNA can begin to fill in some of the gaps.

Tom Crago

PS - You can check out the Crago surname project at FTDNA to see what we have done. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.
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From: Bill <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 20:00:22
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Subject: [DNA] What DNA surname project should be


Can you point to two or three projects which you feel are good
examplars of what a DNA project surname should be?
What are their main characteristics?
What specifically should admins be doing that you believe they are not?
What are the specific things about many projects that you feel
discourage participation?

On Jul 22, 2011, at 7:31 PM, Diana Gale Matthiesen wrote:

> The bottom line here is that DNA testing is expensive - and it's
> discretionary spending, a luxury you shouldn't indulge in if you can't
> afford it or waste the money on if it isn't worth it to you, and the
> sole judge of either is the member.
> Feedback from members and potential members tells me that price is the
> biggest obstacle for them, but the fact that, at least in my projects,
> sales don't seem to make a big difference, tells me that even sale
> prices are still to high to get many people to purchase DNA testing.
> It does frustrate me that people balk at spending a few hundred
> dollars to advance human knowledge and leave a legacy to their family,
> but will gladly pay the same for a piece of clothing or an evening
> out, but their priorities are their business. What we can do, as
> project admins, is bust our buns to make project results appear
> valuable, and I see a lot of projects that would discourage anyone
> from spending a dime on it.
> FTDNA is between a rock and a hard place here because, if they lean
> too hard on admins, they will lose them. OTOH, some projects are a
> *hindrance* to attracting new members due to an "uninvolved" admin.
> IMO, FTDNA needs to set some standards for projects, then employ
> someone whose job it is to help admins bring their projects up to that
> standard.
> There are several surnames that are brick walls in my pedigree.
> Despite my experience with DNA testing, I have given up the prospect
> of finding an answer because the project isn't even supplying earliest
> ancestor, much less lineages, of the members. How would I even know
> if the answer is there?
> What stimulates sales is success stories. We need to make certain our
> projects have some.
> Diana
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>> From: Bob May
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>> Subject: Re: [DNA] Why must you order FT-DNA Panels in order
>> Kathy
>> I agree that anyway that the cost can be reduced is good for both
>> the individual, the people of that haplotype and science. I am not
>> sure that such a discount is what you would call "sound business
>> sense", but maybe it could be approached in a different way that is
>> a win win position for us the client and FTDNA the provider. And
>> this is where Projects could come into their own.
>> Currently FTDNA offer a discount to project members as we all know.
>> Maybe this could be extended into an incentive type discount scheme
>> similar to bulk buying discounts.
>> e.g.
>> If a project order 10 tests 38 - 67 they get an additional %
>> discount
>> If they order 25 of the same test they get and addition 10tests+%
>> discount etc.
>> In this way the project can work together with each member donating
>> what they individually can afford towards this type of testing and
>> using a programme agreed to by the project work towards upgrading
>> all project members to a Project "standard level". Member would
>> still be free to go further with their own testing. This I see a win
>> win for the project members as there are more results in the data
>> base to compare with. And those who are struggling to find the means
>> to upgrade can be upgraded, and can still participate within their
>> means.
>> As a business man this type of structured deal would have more
>> appeal to me than grouping two panels for a single person. My
>> database, which is the foundation of my business can grow larger
>> attracting more clients and encouraging project participation.
>> Science gets the benefit from the larger database and larger more
>> dynamic Projects.
>> Bob
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