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Subject: Re: [DNA] exact match at 67
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 12:50:29 -0400 (EDT)

Diana and Marianne, another long-standing situation creates men of one surname who ydna-test as non-match of any others:
In colonial America, there were thousands of indentured servants; one of the binding laws was they could not marry.
As a genealogy document researcher, I have seen county court order book entries referring to these female indentured servants and their children who legally carried the woman's surname, back into early 1700s (and probably earlier).
These women's sons actually began the new haplotype for the surname, for all practical purposes. Another poster [you know who you are] once refered to looking at it that way when discovered, rather than calling it a NPE.
Providence was very kind to some of these children; at least one young man in 1745 was 'bound' to a benevolent old childless man who was a County Officer. The young man with his mother's surname was trained as a clerk in the county offices, and in a few years acquired wealth, married the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the county, acquired many early Virginia land grants, and enjoyed an elevated social position, as did as his sons. I am looking for ydna of that line now.
The very last 'NPE' I investigated for a surname project man, turned out to be the same, tho in modern times - his unmarried GreatGrandmother had the surname so his grandfather and father did also. When this was discovered, the man admitted knowing the situation, but he was still (not telling anyone trying to help him) trying to find others with his surname, matching his ydna, which was a legitimate possibility. He even knew the surname of the possible genetic founder of his 'new haplotype for the surname'.
Yes, I believe he was embarrased that the ydna facts were discovered, but he was within his rights to look for other men of his surname, but with ydna matching his.
There are so many current instances of children having unknown biological roots, that this situation can only increase.
Mary Alice

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