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From: Aggi-Rose Reddin <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] exact match at 67
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 16:00:53 -0300
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>Aggi-Rose, I hope you win the lottery or already have autosomal DNA
>test results, because having a grandfather born in 1865 would make
>autosomal DNA test results for you extremely interesting. You would
>probably have close matches with some relatives of your grandfather,
>even though they probably have more generations in their lines back
>to their common ancestor than you do.

I was given 23andme tests for myself, my mother & my sons as a gift -
yes, I am truly blessed by times ;-)

Unfortunately though I've not had 1 cousin surface who seems to be
related through my Reddin side. I currently have close to 800 matches
but very few who are interested in contact :-(

I do seem to have more "Irish" in me than anything else though ;-)
And I live in hope!

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