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Subject: Re: [DNA] NPE
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:27:57 -0700
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from Wikipedia:

Scandinavia is a <>cultural,
<>historical and
<>region in northern Europe that
includes the three kingdoms of
<>Norway and
<>Sweden, as well as
<>Iceland and the
<>Faroe Islands,
characterized by their common heritage and language. Modern Norway
and Sweden proper are situated on the
Peninsula, whereas modern Denmark is situated on the
<>Danish islands and
<>Jutland. In English usage, the
term Scandinavia, which refers to a cultural region, is occasionally
confused with the
Peninsula and is sometimes also taken to include
<>Finland. Such usage, however,
is considered inaccurate in Scandinavia, where the term
<>Nordic countries
instead refers to a broader group comprising both Scandinavia itself
as well as countries and territories that are historically associated
with the Scandinavian countries, including Finland and Greenland.

At 04:05 AM 8/16/2011, you wrote:
>Scandinavia = Norway, Denmark and Sweden
>Nordic countries = Scandinavia, Finland and Iceland
>Anne M
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>Subject: [DNA] NPE
>Not all Scandinavian countries have adopted surnames. Iceland still uses
>Debbie Kennet
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