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Subject: Re: [DNA] [AUTOSOMAL-DNA] Understanding matches
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 22:43:14 -0700
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Dear Mary Alice,
I agree with Ann Turner that the Genome-Wide Comparison isn't
generally all that helpful. An 87% match with a sibling is actually on the
high end. I have seen one Genome-Wide Comparison between siblings that was
82.86%. The highest I have seen thus far is 87.47%. See the "Close
relatives" file at for some
reference data.
Tim Janzen

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Need more information:

Siberian's match is on chromo 4, 80000000 to 86000000, 7.0 cM, 996 SNPs

23Me says he is: Genome-Wide Comparison (928351 SNPs) 76.32% similar !!

My own full brother is only 87+% similar to me!!
Can anyone comment on this match?
Thanks, Mary Alice

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