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From: Gary Felix <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] L216 L387 Caveat
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 17:49:50 -0700 (PDT)
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Ken and List,
I am L387-  & L216-
roots Y search id TQ2DX
446 = 8
438 = 11
Mexico DNA Project Admin

--- On Wed, 9/21/11, Kenneth Nordtvedt <> wrote:

From: Kenneth Nordtvedt <>
Subject: [DNA] L216 L387 Caveat
To: ,
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 9:57 AM

I have mentioned that L216 and L387, two snps in FTDNA catalog for purchase, are reported on FTDNA Ymap as being found derived in L622+ (equivalent to M223+) dna.  So I have recommended that M223*, especially of the Roots clade and doubly especially of the 446 = 8 = 438 clade, order these snps to further our quest to map out the tree in this sector.

These two snps are reported along with 8 others as found in the L622+ person.  I find this very suspicious from a statistical point of view given that two earlier M223+ WTY persons had coverage for most of these snp sites and did not report any derived results over these 10 snps.  So I want folks to know there could be an unusual or strange explanation about FTDNA’s reports on these snps.  Therefore I have called those who do do these tests “adventurers” and pioneers.

Nevertheless, if we want to map out the early haplogroup I tree in a timely fashion, we have to seize opportunities like this --- two snps in the catalog and reported to be derived in M223+ (actually L622+).

My Roots recommendation for testing comes from the nature of a future to-be-reported WTY result for a M223+ person who is Roots clade and maybe the source of the Ymap and Ybrowser reports.


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