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Subject: Re: [DNA] Sale and Native American mtDNA
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 09:51:00 -0400

Interesting collection of data Jacques. I wish we had more (241 is really very few for the whole continent if one compare to Ireland, for example !).
2 comments : I am VERY surprised by C* (C-M216) level and similarly by Q* (Q-M242). I am wondering if these represent non SNO testing and just poor guess on the basis of haplotypes or rather true C-M216* and Q-M242* . It does make a difference for what we can tell on the Y DNA entry in America. For example, if we except 1 single case of C2a all others are derived from C3 and that would corroborate an entry as C3. Similarly, the lack of Q1a is probably due to the recent change in nomenclature and veryfew people were tested for L472.

Roughly, there is a ratio of 40 C(3) against 200 Q(1a3). 2 main Y DNA groups and 4 main mtDNA groups are likely to represent 2 different entries in America.


> Didier
> I have gathered signatures from various (supposedly) Amerindian projects at
> FTDNA and have excluded those obviously having European origins
> (such as R1, I, E, G, K, ...)
> Among the Cs several are probably Asian. It is impossible to distinguish
> them from the Amerindians.
> Some Europeans settling in the Americas surely had Asian ancestry.
> Here are the frequencies (for the moment):
> Yhg Frequency
> C-M21624
> C2a-M2081
> C3-M21722
> C3b-P394
> C3d-M4071
> C3e-P53.11
> Q-M24221
> Q1-L23226
> Q1a3-M34612
> Q1a3a-L537
> Q1a3a1-M3120
> Q1b-L2142
> N=241
> Jacques Beaugrand
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