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Subject: Re: [DNA] time=$
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 10:02:44 -0600
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A time-sensitive pricing system for tests is for serving "as many
differences among customers" as possible as I said below; not me,
specifically. And the company is not a charity; any consideration of time in
pricing would certainly serve the company's interests as well. Almost every
specific test situation has a different value on it's time urgency ---
certainly to me, and I am sure to the many other customers including project
administrators, hobbyist-researchers with their varied goals, individual
genealogists, etc. My personal value put on various tests not only goes up
in urgency; it goes down. I see many tests which occur being pure wastes of
customer monies. But that's a matter for others' decisions, not mine.

But certainly some snp and maybe even str results for strategic places in
the ancient "I" tree are worth 50 percent or more premiums for prompt
delivery in my eyes; other cases not. So the time=$ tradeoffs not only
vary from customer to customer, for any specific customer the tradeoff
varies from individual case to case. There's no simple, single rule as you
seem to want me to put on the table.

But customers are not the designers of a more nuanced pricing system (we
don't have the internal business data, let alone ownership of the
enterprise); that's up to the company to create and see if it increases
customer needs and their own bottom line. If the company engages in some
consumer research in the process of constructing their ordering and pricing
options, so much the better. The suggestion has been made to consider
delivery time versus price; it is now in the hands of the company to
consider or ignore.

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From: Alister John Marsh
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Subject: Re: [DNA] time=$


I've been thinking. It is hard enough to speculate what factors the tests
companies have to consider when setting price and scheduling lab work, but
we have even less idea what you are thinking.

What time frames would you consider acceptable for a "fast test" for an
"extra price", and what percentage above normal test prices would you be
prepared to pay for such a fast test?

Until we and the tests companies know this, it is difficult to put forward a
proposal which might appeal to you.

I would suggest that to get a SNP result guaranteed within say 2 weeks, you
would need to be thinking of a lot more than an 5% increase in test cost.
Are you thinking of say 50% increase in test cost, or perhaps 500% increase?

The ball is in your court..... how much extra would you be prepared to pay
for a fast SNP test for example? You have raised this same issue in the
past. Perhaps it is time you revealed some concrete details of what you


You said...
So suggestions for a company pricing model which serves
as many differences among customers and their tradeoffs would seem desirable
to me --- which drove my original suggestion to FTDNA. KN ]]

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