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From: John S Walden <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Challenge73
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 12:10:15 -0500
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RE Ken wrote: This exploration (challenge) is to see for ourselves how these
software packages and other methods do in this new era of looking into bushy

And that is a very good thing to do and why I wanted to see how FLUXUS did
relative to the tree you calculated

I am not sure how to read that lock box for 8057 as to just what the tree is

Is it that 49,33,17,1 all have a common ancestor and they share a common
ancestor with group 50,34,18,2 ?

The Reduced Median (RM) program has a history of claiming a weight is out of
In the past I have just reduced the spread of ranges and then the program
would finish normally.
Others prefer the RM/MJ process but I have used the straight Median Joining

John W

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