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From: Robert Tarín <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Z225/Z229 under P312
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 17:29:19 -0500
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I received results for SNP Z225 on Friday. I was negative and so still P312*


2011/10/14 Robert Tarín <>

> List,
> Batch 432 for SNP Z229 came in yesterday. These results were one month
> early! Fast! Thank you FTDNA. As is known, Z229 and Z225 were found in 6
> individuals of Iberian origin. As I am Hispanic, I ordered both Z225 and
> Z229. Due dates were 31 October and 14 November for batches 430 and 432
> respectively. My results were negative for Z229 and I know of two other
> individuals (non-Iberian descent) who also received negative results. Now
> hopefully results for Z225 will also arrive soon. Z225/Z229 may end up being
> a group mostly in Iberians or maybe not. We need more of Iberian descent and
> probably some French results and others to get these SNPs mapped out.
> Question: Can anyone tell me something about SNP Z28?
> Robert Tarín

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