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From: "Debbie Kennett" <>
Subject: [DNA] DNA testing comparison charts
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 16:44:06 +0100
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With a fast-moving technology like DNA testing it's going to be a problem
keeping resources up to date. The Wiki format does allow for easy updating
but willing volunteers are always needed to keep pages as up-to-date and
accurate as possible. Wikis always give the date at the bottom of the page
when the page was last updated but as you say newbies might not be aware of
all the new developments.

Many thanks for updating the ISOGG Wiki page on Family Finder versus
Relative Finder. I've checked my own version 2 X-chromosome data and I have
data for 13816 X-chromosome SNPs so the version 2 figure we had of around
14,000 X-SNPs would appear to be correct. I thought at one time that 23andMe
published the technical specifications for the version 2 chip on their
website but I cannot now find anything. I have an old version of Excel so I
am unable to paste in all the autosomal SNPs to count them.

I've had a go at updating the ISOGG Wiki page further and have added
references for some of the statements that are quoted and in particular in
relation to the size of 23andMe's database, which I hope have helped to
redress the balance:

It is however not just the size of a company's database that is important
but also its composition, and especially for those of us who do not live in
the US and do not have colonial Americans or Ashkenazi Jews in our family
trees. FTDNA, despite their smaller autosomal database, have a big advantage
here, and for those of us in the UK we stand a much better chance of finding
a meaningful match. I have to say however that to date I've still not been
able to make a genealogical connection with any of my matches either at
23andMe or Family Tree DNA.

Please feel free to make any amendments to the ISOGG Wiki that you see fit.
I would encourage everyone else to do the same. That is the whole point of a
Wiki - anyone and everyone can edit it!

Debbie Kennett

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