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Subject: Re: [DNA] What do make of this?
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 09:06:15 +1100
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Hi Kirsten,

The Ysearch entry says E1b1a (tested) and Jim Cullen's Haplogroup Predictor gives E1b (75%) so I have to presume he is not R1b.
By suggesting she look at Haplogroup E1b1a, I guess I was really suggesting she ignore R1b ... perhaps I was not specific enough

I am thinking she is getting confused with autosomal DNA ... I just didn't expect her response from my reply to her original email.
I do not intend replying to her latest email ... life is too short to be arguing with someone who believes they already know it all.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] What do make of this?

If you viewed the brother's ysearch entry and it looks like it might actually be R1b, you could suggest that she look into the
possibility that his haplogroup assignment is incorrect. If you looked at his ysearch entry and his haplotype doesn't look like it
might be an R1b haplotype, or you use a haplogroup predictor which says it is not an R1b haplotype, then you probably won't be able
to get through to this person.

I'm not sure what you meant about the suggestion to restrict searches by haplogroup to E1b1a. If the researcher doesn't also look
for matches with men whose haplogroup is unknown, she will probably miss some significant matches. She should enroll her brother in
the E1b1a haplogroup project if she hasn't already, but from the sound of things, she might not not take your advice. Let's hope
that she finds her way to that project one way or another.


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Subject: [DNA] What do make of this?

I am contacted from time to time from people who have, or think they have, connections to Irish Type III (R-L226).
I either welcome them into the project, or if necessary, let them down gently that they do not match this cluster and try to advise
what steps they should take next.

Recently I received an email that started an exchange that I don't know what to make of. Names and Ysearch ID changed to protect
the innocent!

Dennis Wright

Dear Dennis Wright,

Ysearch User xxxxx has sent you a message regarding your Ysearch account.
Your User ID: WXEWM
Your Last Name: Irish Type III Search

We have not disclosed your email address to the sender. Should you wish to reply to this user, simply click Reply in your email
program and an email will automatically be addressed to the sender. The message contents follow:

Name: "Mary" xxxxxxx
Message: Hi Dennis,

My brother has the following DYS markers: 388 (12), 459a (6), 464a (13), 464c (17). We live in North Carolina.

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Hi "Mary",

I have had a look at your brother's markers in the link you provided. I see that he is Haplogroup E1b1a.
ID WXEWM is used as a search for the R1b cluster that I manage, "Irish Type III". But being a completely different haplogroup, we
cannot be related, I'm afraid.

You will need to follow up on other Ysearch matches, and may I suggest that you restrict your searches by Haplogroup to E1b1a as
these are likely to be more meaningful to you.

Regards and good luck with your searches.

Dennis Wright

I am certified in Science and I think I am able to decide what is more meaningful to me. I am well aware of your willingness to
segregate yourself from my brother's haplogroup. Their are plenty of admixtures and diversity among cultures if I may point out to
you. Just for your information, my brother has more European matches than non-european matches and that is too because of
participants within the DNA databases. None, the less we are of Irish ancestry along with other European ancestry. DNA doesn't
restrict itself and you should know that!


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