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From: "Paul Pettit" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Problems with some surname project admins
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 09:26:21 -0800
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Have you ever considered that a complete posting of Patriarch information
together with a complete haplotype - is actually shooting your project in
the foot????

Do you think this what many projects are failing to get good numbers of DNA

Why should a silent but inquisitive prospective participant, perusing
surname project see that their exact line has been tested and has a
"PROCLAIMED" who are typically not very understanding of DNA testing, decide
to spend $150-$200-$300 on something that is already been done?

The public has certain preconception about DNA testing and as been said,
some do DNA testing and in the end decide "whoop de-doo". That's those
that decide to gamble..

Others see lists and lists of names and no connections, others expect, more
so in the past, that if you have the same name "you are very likely to have
shared DNA ( from FTDNA info)- so why test if this is true of all immigrant

Only a Project Admin who is well tuned into the genie boards and other
researchers and DNA testing.

I fail to find very many projects that are structured or even explanatory
about advanced DNA testing objectives even for basic YDNA; and mtDNA is so
far behind YDNA.


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Personally, I'd prefer that every YDNA project publicly display at
least the Patriarch information, plus the patriarchs son through whom
descent is traced.

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