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Subject: Re: [DNA] Problems with some surname project admins
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:38:22 -0500
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I believe that I have about 370 R1b's that have tested to 67 or more
markers. Of the eight matches between different surnames that you mention,
there are several reasons (as I mentioned already). One Reed that matches a
group of Pattersons was born Patterson, but his name changed upon adoption.
Another Reed, not related, that matches Pattersons (not related) is an
African-American, descendant of a former slave. We are working on
identifying the slave owner. The Williams who match Pattersons (not related
to the other Pattersons) is one that we don't know where the relationship is
and could be either a NPE or an adoption. We have a Johnson who matches
Pattersons (again not related to the other Pattersons) who was born
Patterson, but his stepfather was Johnson.

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Considering just your R1b1's, (you have about 170 in your project)
there are 35 kits (20%) that are exact matches at 67+ markers with at
least one other kit.

Actually, its the exact matches at 67+ markers with mismatched
surnames, that I find interesting.
Here, admittedly, there are fewer instances----but even so, I find 8
kits with mismatched surnames exact matching at 67 markers.
If these were simply one-offs, matching an uncommon name among clan
members, it wouldn't be that interesting---but these are largely
matches with names that are common among clan members. (e.g.,
Patterson exact matching with Williams or Reed; there's also a
"Devin" and a "Whitehead" in there as well, but those seem to be one-
ff's in your project). I find such high-level exact matches with
mismatched surnames relatively rare in the other projects that I've
looked at. It stands out in the McLaren project, suggesting
something else besides NPE's might be involved.


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