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From: Mike W <>
Subject: [DNA] Fwd: Fwd: R1b-L21 subclade update: M222 (NW Irish & Scots) &DF23
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 16:23:37 -0600
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The haplotypes are all stored in the R-L21 group "Files." You can easily
select by haplogroup and country to see them. I didn't say M222 has a high
frequency in England. It doesn't. I can only find 29, but they are
scattered through out England.

The anomaly is that the M222 that shows up there has higher STR diversity.
It only follows that you are not likely to have matches with them. They
don't generally have as many matches as the typical M222 folks.

Mike W

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The higher STR variance for M222 in England interests me. Can you elaborate
on where you see this?

I'm M222+ and last time I checked my FTDNA page I had very few English

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