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From: John Lerch <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] No matching segments
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 06:59:01 -0600
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Mary Alice,
You totally miss the point. There is a chance (albeit a very small
one) that you have ZERO matching segments with a TRUE BIOLOGICAL
Over on the Genetic Genealogy Forum, David Faux has a proven (by
comparing DNA to the relevant proven matching persons) cousin (1st
cousin I think) to whom he has ZERO matches!!! So it does happen--
Just because you have no matching segments doesn't mean you're (not
"your" as in both your posts) not related.
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> Nelda, you are making no sense at all to me. Just because
> someone shares a
> surname with you somewhere in time, doesn't mean they are a
> relation! I have
> great interest in and have documented so much of my family back
> even 9
> generations.
> Sorry; I am more interested in old long-dead people than I am in
> living
> 4th-5th cousins. There are a couple of exceptions to that
> statement, but at
> this time no more than two.
> You inserted in this mail, "companies.... state YOU HAVE NO
> measurable SEGMENTS. Again that does not make you not
> related...." Pretty
> well describes "unrelated" to me!!! There is no reason to
> start an
> investigation into a non-match when I would need to go back 200
> years, doing
> their lineage documentation, just to see if a connection could
> be made. I
> don't have time or desire to spend weeks or months on people
> whose dna match
> is so small as to not be significant. If you want to spend
> time,
> investigating everyone in the world to see if you are related to
> them, you
> must have a lot more time than I do.
> I still cannot see any useful reason to investigate persons who
> show no
> matching dna. Mary Alice
> .................................Nelda

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