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From: Keith Britton <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] . Re: The paying participants & administrator of projects
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 12:47:00 -0500
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As a co-admin, I am not well placed to disagree with my admin, but an
important point is being missed. Both Diana and Lindsey have it exactly
right in respect to a test purchaser and FTDNA, and a test purchaser should
certainly understand that he/she acquires no right from that with respect
to any project or admin. But that ignores the question of independent
relationship between actual or potential project member and the project or

Admins typically offer something, in writing, to potential members.
Members respond with haplotype and other data. That's a contractual form
in which the participants have ethical if not legal obligations. Further,
why do admins make their offer, if they have no interest in members or
their data? Most admins presumably see something to their benefit, so
isn't it a matter of ethics that they should be willing to give something
back? Mine spends much thought, time and effort towards recruiting
members, presumably because she cares strongly. In reciprocity,
"something" certainly isn't likely to be $350/hr consulting, but...?


On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Lplantagenet <> wrote:

> DIANA: No, not at all. What I am is sorry that you've "come out swinging"
> without realizing your own misunderstanding appears to be the root of
> the problem. The fact is that your $700 entitled you to a set of test
> results. The projects are "gravy" - added value *donated* to you by a
> volunteer. A little civility and appreciation is called for here.
> It's not like any of us are being paid enough to accept being abused
> by our members, especially when it's uncalled for.
> LINDSEY: Thank you, Diana! I second everything you say and I hope
> everyone who has a complaint about an Administrator is paying attention to
> this discussion. We aren't paid a dime for what we do, and everything we
> do is extra. Project members need to understand that when they buy a test
> from FTDNA they are buying precisely that and no more, and when they
> receive their test results from Family Tree they have received everything
> they paid for. If they don't understand their results, they have two
> choices--learn how to interpret results themselves or pay a consultant to
> do it, but please don't expect a Volunteer Administrator to provide at no
> charge and for no salary a service for which FTDNA and other online
> consultants charge $350.
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