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From: "Lawrence Mayka" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Coincidental convergence (or lack of divergence)
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 18:18:46 -0600
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Here is perhaps the best-documented such case. These two men have a GD of
only 6 on 67 markers, as listed by the Y-DNA Matches page. Of the 54 slower
markers, they differ only on DYS446.

Ysearch N2997, kit N28490, of Poland, has tested L22- L287- L258- . At the
Advanced lab, DYS462 = 12 and DYS388 = 14 (to check for sample mixup).

Ysearch 982W3, kit 122603, of Finland, has tested L22+ L287+ L258+ .

Thus, they are on opposite sides of the I1-L22 mutation, which is estimated
to be several thousand years old.

If one hypothesizes that they descend from immediately before and
immediately after (respectively) the first occurrence of L22, and preserved
the haplotype of that lineage almost without change, one could then refer to
this case as a lack of divergence.

But if one hypothesizes that the first L22 occurred on any other haplotype
background, then these two must have coincidentally converged over time.

> From: "Debbie Kennett" <>
> Coincidental matches are less of a problem with 67 markers but I believe
> there have been reported cases on this list of haplotypes in two different
> subclades matching on 61/67 markers.

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