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From: William Hurst <>
Subject: [DNA] New FTDNA mtDNA updates
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 08:32:02 -0500

Hi all,

The FTDNA pages came back online almost exactly at 7 AM Central time as promised. I'll note just a few of the more obvious changes I see regarding mtDNA. (Please start another thread for Y-DNA, etc.)

First, they didn't update my subclade! My K1c2a is defined on the PhyloTree by 15944d or 15944-. I have that deletion, but I'm still shown as K1c2.

On my personal page, the default Results format is RSRS, which can be switched to rCRS. But on the Project pages, the Results are still in rCRS.

Most new subclades are shown on my K Project page, and I assume for other haplogroups. But I see many issues that will have to be addressed individually. For example, they have the new K1e shown correctly, but not K1d.

Many new subclades are shown with new terminology adapted from the PhyloTree and First one I see is "K1-T16362C." The "T16362C" is an unlabeled branch. Note the use of the T prefix - PhyloTree style, while the mutations lists don't have the prefixes. So there is a mixture of RSRS and rCRS styles.

More later I'm sure.

Bill Hurst

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