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From: Shannon Christmas <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Autosomal matches at
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 17:25:13 -0400
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I wholeheartedly agree with CeCe's assessment of AncestryDNA and am
reticent to recommend AncestryDNA, despite their abundance of pedigree
data. Ancestry has omitted shared DNA segment locations and lengths,
attempted to fill the void with a vague meaningless confidence meter, and
employed questionable methods for matching customers as relatives (setting
a threshold based on megabases instead of the industry standard,

Ancestry's reliance on megabases not only supplies customers with a bevy of
insignificant matches, but also fails to match us with individuals with
whom we share many centimorgans - but few megabases - of autosomal DNA.
Ancestry has reportedly phased the data, but has denied customers access to
the phased IBD segments shared with each match, thus customers cannot
perform chromosome mapping, test hypotheses, etc. Customers, as a result,
draw many false conclusions about how they relate to the genetic matches
AncestryDNA has identified. Ancestry's glaring judgement errors suggest the
company performed little to no research before entering the autosomal DNA
arena and the customers suffer because of it.

Very Respectfully,

On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 3:55 PM, CeCe Moore <> wrote:

> Doug, I am told that the raw data will be out very soon. The rumor mill
> now says that there was a problem on the 6th that pushed the date back.
> Since I am hearing the same story from multiple sources, I believe that it
> is likely true.
> Remember that AncestryDNA is using 5 megabase pairs rather than cMs for
> their cut off. As I'm sure you realize, this can result in some pretty
> insignificant "matching" segments, but probably also pick up some small IBD
> matches from way back.
> As far as the hints, I think they are terrific, however everyone must keep
> in mind that they identified common ancestor may not be the one that
> actually contributed the matching DNA. I see this a fair amount since my
> mother is also tested and sometimes they identify an ancestor from her side
> with a hint in my match list, but the match is not shared by her.
> CeCe
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> From: McDonald J Douglas <>
> Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 17:20:05
> To: <>
> Subject: [DNA] Autosomal matches at
> I recently tested my autosomes with I'm anxiously awaiting
> their
> raw data.
> But the matches are legion! Vast numbers.
> I'm getting some with "hints", and each and every hint looks very real
> indeed.
> But .... all but one or three with hints are violently optimistic in how
> close they are. They claim
> 4th cousin and its 8th or 9th cousin. Nevertheless ... in the short time
> they have been in
> this business they are given me far more real matches than FTDNA has. I
> attribute this to
> the fact that their main business is accumulating vast numbers of public
> Gedcoms.
> I also admit that I finally have made my whole family tree available
> online there, back to
> the medieval period where it continues on at <
>>; .
> And of the vast numbers of matches without hints, and with Gedcom trees
> that are
> big enough, I can look at almost all and see comparing their Gedcom to
> mine that there is no
> possible match within the degree of cousinship they claim.
> So either for the majority of these in fact I have two or more matches
> just beyond
> the range of the Gedcoms, which based on surnames looks unlikely for most
> but not all,
> or they are mostly IBS.
> My guess is that they are simply not doing their accounting with a proper
> population growth model
> for the great expansion of population in the USA after colonial times.
> Comments?
> Any idea when the raw data will come, now that they have missed the
> rumored date?
> Doug McDonald
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