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From: Ian Logan <>
Subject: [DNA] New mtDNA sequences submitted by FTDNA customers (03-SEP-2013)
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 16:34:52 +0100


7 new mtDNA sequences have appeared on GenBank
as direct submissions by FTDNA customers.

They belong to a interesting set of European Haplogroups:
H1ax, H23, H41a, I1a1b, K1a, U8a1a1, W6c

As usual I have added the sequences to my 'Checker' program to ensure
accuracy with comparison to the the FASTA files on the GenBank pages.

The mutation 'C4029A' is unusual in Haplogroup K1a
but .. it is a defining mutation in Haplogroup L4b1


KF551241(Sweden) FTDNA Haplogroup H41a 03-SEP-2013
C262T A263G 309.1C 315.1C A750G A1438G A4769G G5460A A8860G G9548A
T10124C A14118G A15326G G15617A C16328T

KF553923(Kurdistan) FTDNA Haplogroup W6c 03-SEP-2013
A73G A189G C194T T195C T204C G207A A263G 309.1C 315.1C G709A
A750G T1243C A1438G A2706G A3505G A4093G A4769G G5046A G5460A C7028T
C8002T A8149G G8251A T8614C C8658T A8860G C8874T G8994A C11674T G11719A
A11947G T12414C C12705T C14766T A15326G G15884C C16211T C16223T C16292T

KF562342(Sweden) FTDNA Haplogroup H1ax 03-SEP-2013
A200G A263G 309.1C 315.1C A750G A1438G G3010A A4769G G5054C C7471T
C8429T C8583T A8860G G14861A A15326G T16519C

KF564291(Sicily) FTDNA Haplogroup K1a 03-SEP-2013
A73G C150T A189G A263G 309.1C 315.1C A492G A493G C497T A750G
T1189C G1393A A1438G A1811G A2706G A3480G C4029A A4769G A5581G A6530G
C7028T G7897A A8860G G9055A T9698C G10373A A10398G A10550G T11299C A11467G
G11719A A12308G G12372A C14167T C14766T T14798C G15317A A15326G T16093C
T16311C T16519C

KF577592(Russia) FTDNA Haplogroup H23 03-SEP-2013
A263G 315.1C A750G A1438G A4769G A8860G C10211T A15326G T16519C

KF586486(Irish) FTDNA Haplogroup I1a1b 03-SEP-2013
A73G T199C G203A T204C T250C A263G 309.1C 315.1C 455.1T 573.1C
573.2C A750G A1438G G1719A A2706G A3447G C3990T A4529T A4769G G6734A
C7028T G8251A G8616T A8860G G9010A G9947A T10034C T10238C A10398G T10915C
G11719A G12501A C12705T A13780G T14182C C14766T G15043A A15326G A15924G
G16129A T16172C C16223T T16311C T16519C

KF591127(Welsh) FTDNA Haplogroup U8a1a1 03-SEP-2013
A73G A263G T282C 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C A750G A1438G A1811G A2706G
C3738T A4769G A5240G A6380G T6392C C6455T C7028T A7055G A8860G C9365T
T9698C C10733T A11467G G11719A C12135A A12308G G12372A G13145A C14766T
A16146G C16234T T16342C

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