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Subject: The Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland .. Article from Military History Magazine
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Oliver Cromwell's Irish campaign is remembered for both its brilliance and
its bloody-handed ruthlessness.
By Basil P. Briguglio, Jr.

The Irish rebellion Oliver Cromwell suppressed in 1649 was the later stage
of an uprising that had been going on since 1641. On October 23, 1641, 40
years after the great rebellion of Hugh O'Neill, earl of Tyrone, the Irish
rose in revolt, first in Ulster, then later in the rest of Ireland. About 3
000 English and Scottish settlers were killed in the initial uprising. The
numbers were inflated by Parliament to hundreds of thousands as a propaganda
ploy to prevent King Charles I from making peace and using the Irish against
Parliament during the Civil War.

The English forces initially were commanded by James Butler, Duke of Ormonde
and lord lieutenant of Ireland. In 1645, however, with Parliament in control
of England, Ormonde took control of the rebellion and led the Confederacy,
an alliance of all Royalists in Ireland. Others, such as Murrough O'Brien,
Baron of Inchiquin, an Irish Protestant stationed in Munster opposed the
Confederacy and laid waste to Munster, earning him the name Murrough of the
Burnings and the hatred of his countrymen. Owen Roe O'Neill, nephew of
Tyrone and a veteran of the Spanish army, kept his Ulster forces separate
from Ormonde's, representing a purely Irish Catholic element.

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