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Subject: [GENEALOGYBITSANDPIECES] Unmarked Graves at Staten Island CemeteryReceive Grave Markers
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 15:24:36 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Unmarked Graves at Staten Island Cemetery Receive Grave Markers
September 30, 2009

NEW YORK – Early this morning, 266 previously unmarked graves of indigent
Jews buried at Mount Richmond Cemetery on Staten Island were given modest
gravemarkers by the non-profit organization who arranged their funerals.
Hebrew Free Burial Association, a 120-year-old organization that has buried
60,000 indigent New York Jews who couldn’t afford burials, has in recent
years dedicated itself to marking every grave in its cemeteries with a
simple monument noting the name and years of life of the deceased.

“After much research and generous donations, Hebrew Free Burial Association
has been able to dignify the life and death of hundreds of New York Jews
with gravemarkers,” says Amy Koplow, executive director of Hebrew Free
Burial Association. “When a loved one dies, or a Jew dies alone without
friends or family, HFBA steps in, ensuring that any Jewish deceased,
regardless of affiliation or financial means, is treated with compassion and


Leave Your Mark is a program to install simple permanent markers at unmarked

graves in Mt. Richmond Cemetery. This program benefits the thousands of
families and friends who visit the cemetery each year, as they find a place
of dignity and repose where respect is paid to the memory of every person
buried therein. The presence of stone markers at each grave will prevent
persons from walking across grassy areas which appear to them unused, when
in fact they contain graves of persons buried long ago. The markers are
testimony that they are not forgotten, that the Jewish community still cares

even a century later, as witnessed by the fact that nearly 15,000 unmarked
graves, dating back to 1909, have been marked so far, through the generosity

of donors and foundations.

The Hebrew Free Burial Association has cared for indigent Jews in the New
York City area since 1888, burying 60,000 Jews who, due to a family or
economic situation, would not be given a proper Jewish burial. Annually,
Hebrew Free Burial Association provides as many as 300 people with a
dignified Jewish burial in consecrated Jewish earth.

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