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From: "Johan Andersson" <>
Subject: Rev. Malcolm Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashel.
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 14:23:21 GMT


I was told to post this here instead of soc.genealogy.medieval.

I am looking for information on Rev. Malcolm Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashel
in Northireland and his ancesters that are from decending from the
Hamiltons of Dalserf. He was born in Scotland but came to Ireland with his
father in 1612.
His father was a scotish undertaker. Malcolm build Monea Castle in
Fermanghe, Ulster during the years 1617-1619. He was made Archbishop of
Cashel in 1623, and he held that post to his death in 1629. He had four
sons that all served in the swedish army under the king Gustavus Adolphus
the Great. They all fought in Germany during the Thirty Year Was
(1618-1648). Two of his sones stayed in Sweden and became swedish nobels,
Barons (in 1664 and 1694) and Count (in 1751). On of his sones, Hugh,
return to Ireland and was made 1st Lord Glenawley. If
anyone has any information on the Hamiltons of Dalserf and how Malcolm is
connected to them then I would be greatful if they would like to chear that
information with me. I am hoping to find a link from Malcolm to Walter Fitz
Gilbert of Hambeldon, the founder of the scotish house of Hamilton. I am a
decendent of the 1st Lord
of Glenawly throw a illegimet child born will he lived in Sweden. Her name
was Annika Hugosdotter Hamilton, 1649-1739. She married Lars Bjrkman, a
officer in the swedish army, and her son Malcolm Bjrkman was a member of
the royal Svea Life Guard. He was a life guard to Charles XII of Sweden at
the battle of Poltava in 1709 against the russians were he was killed when
he toke a bullet for the king.


Johan Andersson


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