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From: Robert Radford< >
Subject: Re: griffiths valuation interpretation
Date: 9 Jul 1998 22:56:38 GMT

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(Lindsay Holland) wrote:

> I recently received a printout for the townland (Bleary), not far from
> Portadown and Lurgan with a list of 190 or so names,
> but could use some advise as to interpreting it.
> 1 is the Ratable Annual Valuation, the actual value of land and
> or is it the ammount of rates to be paid.
> 2 There are 9 members with our family name listed, including several
> repeated names and some with another given name in (brackets) in italics,
> ie
> John Holland (george), John Holland (Robert), john Holland
(Thomas) are
> the names in brackets the fathers name?

A recent issue (Vol. 5 No. 2 2nd Quarter 1998) of The Irish At Home and
Abroad has an article on interpreting Griffith's Valuation which, I
presume, is the document you are looking at.

In the article, the author, James R. Reilly, CGRS, says that the Rateable
Annual Valuation was an estimate of the annual rent a landlord could
reasonably expect from a responsible tenant i.e. not the proposed taxes.
And he goes on to say that in any case where two or more persons in a
townland had the same first and last name, the valuer added an "Agnomen"
or additional name. This could be an occupation or description to
distinguish individuals though the most common additional name was the
father's name (if the father was alive) or the mother's name (if a widow).

The author also suggests that where a number of people of the same name
lived near each other, they were likely related so that the fathers may
have been brothers and the common first name may have been that of the

Robert Radford
V-P, Research & Development
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